Below is a list of Nebraska State Senate general election candidates. The NNA PAC has sent questionnaires to all candidates, asking for their response to questions which reflect their views on issues important to nurses in Nebraska. Candidate responses can be viewed by clicking on the icon to the right of their name. Candidates with a blue document icon have submitted answers, those in gray have not responded.

= Questionnaire Answers Submitted

= Questionnaire Answers Not Submitted

(I) = Incumbent

Candidate lists can change frequently throughout an election season. Ballotpedia staff update this list monthly.

If you are unsure what district you are in, you can easily find it here.


2Robert Clements (I)
Susan D. Lorence
4Bob Hilkemann (I)
Shannon Coryell
6Theresa Thibodeau (I)
Machaela Cavanaugh
8Mina Davis
Megan Hunt
10Wendy DeBoer
Matt Deaver
12Merv Riepe (I)
Steve Lathrop
14Jeff Parris
John Arch
16Chuck Hassebrook
Ben Hansen
18Brett Lindstrom (I)
Scott Winkler
20Jackie Collett
John McCollister (I)
22Doug Oertwich
Mike Moser
24Mark Kolterman (I)
Stephanie Nantkes
26Matt Hansen (I)
Bob Van Valkenburg
28Patty Pansing Brooks (I)
30Myron Dorn
Don Schuller
32Tom Brandt
Laura Ebke (I)
34Curt Friesen (I)
36Matt Williams (I)
38Marsha Fangmeyer
Dave Murman
40Keith Kube
Timothy J. Gragert
42Mike Groene (I)
Judy Pederson
44Dan Hughes (I)
Stephanie L. Malcolm
46Adam Morfeld (I)
48John Stinner, Sr. (I)

Photo Gallery

Senator Laura Ebke

Senator Laura Ebke

NNA PAC Treasurer, Dr Kari Wade, and NNA PAC Chair, Linda Stones, held a meeting with Senator Laura Ebke to discuss issues of importance to nursing. The NNA members also thanked Senator Ebke for her on-going support of nursing issues. Senator Ebke is running for re-election is Nebraska Legislative District 34.

Senator Brett Lindstrom

Senator Brett Lindstrom

Members of the Nebraska Nurses Association Political Action Committee met with Senator Brett Lindstrom to discuss issues concerning nurses and to thank Senator Lindstrom for his support over the past legislative session. Linda Kimminau, Dr Kari Wade and Linda Stones are pictured with Senator Lindstrom. District 18.